Upaya Services

My name is Ben Simon-Thomas and I am a Buddhist-leaning entrepreneur and ecosystem developer: creating platforms to solve problems. I have worked with startups, non-profit organizations, schools, and community organizations.  I value the process as much as the result, and I see unlimited possibility. I can help you find opportunities, connect you with resources, and find the partners/network you need to succeed.

As a startup founder and consultant, I have had extensive experience in creating and extending limited resources in creative and strategic ways. I have placed over 500 people at various startups and consulting projects. My startup lens brings creativity and “can do-ness”. I currently run, ODMS, an early stage 3DP startup that provides on-demand micro factory solutions.  I have worked in social commerce/health-care startups and life style modification businesses. I have experience in HW/SW, fundraising/investor outreach, go to market, partnership development, social media marketing, and content creation.

Coach – Founder/CEO Startups – Team Builder – Father – Husband – Buddhist

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