Skillful Ventures

BardoVR/AfterDeath (executive producer)- Building Immersive Media Experiences To Promote Health & Wellbeing. We are starting with AfterDeath? AfterDeath is a game-based, interactive virtual reality simulation of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which describes the journey consciousness takes from the moment of death until its rebirth in another form. Using the mechanism of an immersive psychedelic “trip” through otherworldly environments, AfterDeath will be both a unique gaming experience and a pathway to understanding personal attitudes, desires, and aversions.

BSkillful Play Platform (founder) – offers play practices, impact analysis and an AI based recommendation services that reconnects you with the power of play. Play improves your physical and psychological well being, makes you feel more connected, and less stressed. We are looking for partners to test our Play Platform.

W3LL (founder) – Wellbeing Exploration And Discovery Marketplace: Connecting you with effective, evidence-based solutions that improve wellbeing!