Upaya Projects

W3LL: W3LL is a “Wellbeing Exploration And Discovery Marketplace”, connecting people with effective, evidence-based solutions that improve wellbeing! We are starting with seniors.

BardoVR: The BardoVR team is building an awe-inspiring immersive VR “game” platform that is a tool for psychological and spiritual development.  BardoVR will leverage the interest in conscious gaming, games for good, and games for change movements and create real-world impact through gaming and immersive media.

About Ben Simon-Thomas

My name is Ben Simon-Thomas and I am a Buddhist-leaning entrepreneur and ecosystem developer: creating platforms to solve problems. I have worked with startups, non-profit organizations, schools, and community organizations (Ed Tech, Health/Wellness, 3DP/3DScannning & HW, social commerce, partnership development).